Top 10 Signals That Your Boyfriend Is Possessive

Possessive boyfriend

If you confuse love with imprisonment, it is because of the guy who wants to control you even the clothes that you wear. You are involved in a problem that you must leave NOW! Possessive boyfriend turns to be toxic for a relationship and always tends to be dominant in nature. 

This result any relationship dragged forcefully into a vicious circle of jealousy and hatred. If you feel anxious, worried and above all, feel that it is ceasing to be you, take these signs into account to find a solution:

1. Obsessive jealousy: If your boyfriend is jealous whenever you meet and greet your friends and relatives and wants you to give your time to only him, this can be looked as being obsessively jealous. This will ruin your relations with others too.

2. Controlling Attitude: In this case, there is always a desperate need of your boyfriend to control you. He wants to know the estimate of your each and every minute. Also, he will want to decide what type of clothes you should wear and whom you should be with.

3. Constant Questioning: He will question you about each and every detail which leads to disrespect your dignity many times. 

4. Changing your likes and dislikes: Many possessive guys will not accept you and your likes/dislikes. They will want you to change according to their comfort and accept their likes/dislikes. 

5. Dominating even in front of family and friends: If at all you visit your friends and family along with your guy. He will try to control you by showing he captivates nature ordering you to do as he says. 

6. Make you adopt his habit: He won’t be ready to change his bad habits and make you accept the way he adapts it.

7. Putting blame you on for being addictive: He will always try to cover his mistakes and bad habits by blaming you and telling how much he loves you.

8. Changing personality: He will make you change your hobbies and personality. Trying to mold you how he likes with expressing only his right on you and your life.

9. Try to assault by physical/verbal actions: He will lose control over his temper by time and will try to physically or verbally assault you creating a big dilemma for your relationship.

10. Abusing in anger: Short temper leads to abuse you verbally if he finds anything appropriate and fishy.

So these are the signs showing the invasion of possessiveness in your boyfriend. One should be aware of these kinds of behavior and over controlling nature. The foundation of any relationship lies on trust. This kind of nature shows that there is no existence of trust and faith. If you need to talk to someone about your problems without worrying about your information being disclosed we highly suggest you to use some chat line numbers for you to talk. Because that’s what you need in order to realize.

Your partner has a constant doubt about you were dating someone else and betraying him, even if you love him completely and won’t cheat him in any situation. So there should be clarity of giving equal freedom and having faith on each other before you began with a serious relationship where you wish to see the future with no emotional stress.

TOP Reasons Why Marriages Fail?

Today many couples are going for divorce as they are not comfortable with each other and are not willing to continue their marriage life further. There are some couples who even opt for divorce even after 5 to 7 years of marriage as they are not happy with each other. There are some reasons because of which marriages fail and are happy to break their relations.

  • One of the main reason which is mostly responsible to bring any relation to an end is compatibility. Yes, it is true that many couple file for their divorce as they feel weaker compatibly and do not wish to continue relation further. It is very important that couples find themselves comfortable and compatible with each other without any stress or pressure. Disputes are very common, but the way couples tackle it shows their compatibility with each other. 
  • Poor communication is another main reason why today marriages are unable to survive for a long time. Couples are busy in their own lives and don’t find time for each other which does not make their connection strong. Couples are living their life in their own way and spend good quality of time on laptops and smartphones which results in poor communication between partners. Poor communication makes their relation weaker and they lack understanding which results in marriage failure. As they are not talking to each other there is no way to know about e their own perspective and view and so at the time of disputes, it becomes difficult to understand each other.
  • Marriages which loses charm as time goes son is due to lack of intimacy. The early stage of marriage there is excitement and new experience which makes relation happy and smooth. But as time passes lack of intimacy and boring relation results in divorce. If partners are unable to fulfill sexual desire, there are chances of cheating and mistrust which can break trust and leads to divorce. It is very important to make marriage life happening at all time and so couples which lack it find their relation just life burden and finally agrees to part away.
  • Trust is one of the main reason for any relation as a lack of trust will not allow making relations strong. Same is even in marriage as couples who lack trust on each other and are having weak ears will really find it difficult to make their marriage go long lasting. Lying and staying secretive in marriage will not work for a long time and couple’s loose trust on each other it can create misunderstanding which results in filing divorce.
  • Acceptance is very important in marriage as each person have their own individuality and marriage is about two people. One who is unable to understand the views and thoughts of their partner or do not give them equal rights can’t make maintain their marriage life. Couples who try to change their partners according to their wish will result in arguments and disputes in long run. It will finally result in the break of marriage and thus end of a beautiful phase of life.

TOP Reasons why your boyfriend is jealous?

Jealous Boyfriend

Trust, respect, love and care are the pillars of any relationship be it a husband-wife or girlfriend and boyfriend and the lack of even any one of them give rise to jealousy. 

  • Anger, sadness, displeasure and revulsion are the forms of emotion, one expresses his jealousy. It is just live fire in the dense forest. 
  • Once it gets inherited can’t be eradicated easily and causes doubts about their partners and fears. Jealousy can be of varying degree ranging from mild to severe form leading to break up or more severe outputs.

Some of the key reasons which give rise to jealousy are

  • Possession/Obsession-In a relationship jealousy mainly inherits when the person has a deep urge for someone else’s possession about his partner. People get over possessed about their partner when they see their partner talking or spending a little time with an opposite sex either at the workplace or at a social gathering.
  • Insecurity– Insecurity is one of the biggest ingredients which give rise to jealousy. Many a time it happens when a person feels insecure and questions or doubts the feeling of his partner which gives rise to jealousy.
  • Fear– Another main reason for jealousy is fear. A person has fear in his mind of losing his partner. Many a time a person bears a negative perception for his partner that if she gets someone more intelligent, smart and a well-settled guy then definitely I am going to lose her. 
  • Competition– In this cut-throat era, everyone is starving in the race of perfection. Because of which even they fail to save their relationship from jealousy. In between a girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife competition arises because of several reasons like –
  1. Unmatched Income– Usually it happens that one of the partners has a higher income in comparison to the other one because of which the other one gets irritated which further takes the form of jealousy. 
  2. Matchless Couple-Also when one is too beautiful or handsome and remains possessive about his partner wherever they go. The person bears a doubt that might be her beauty can please or lure someone else, etc.
  3. Unparalleled Standard of Living-When a person fails to maintain the living standard as expected then the partner gets jealous. Also happens when one belongs to an affluent family and the other one not that affluent comparably leading to frequent grudges eventually ends at jealousy. 
  4. Chronic Jealousy– It may happen that the person has been born and brought up in such an environment that he was deeply influenced by the negativities then it may lead to lifelong jealousy.

These are some of the prime reasons for jealousy in your boyfriend. So read the reasons mind them and save your precious relation from this dreaded behavioural attribute before it gets too late to be corrected. Once you’ll learn the golden rules of relationship surely your relationship is going to blossom forever.